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3 comments on “Reviews
  1. Douglas L. Lamb says:

    We currently have multiple tank batteries being monitored by
    We have found the monitoring equipment to be very accurate and reliable.
    Terry Carroll Jr. has proven to be extremely knowledgeable about the
    equipment in the field, the software, and the computer programming
    functions. He has also provided excellent service to address any and all
    issues that have required any type of response from him (which have been
    very few). This service has already alerted us to “need-to-know” events
    several times which have enabled us to make a timely response to situations
    that would have been much more problematic without the alert
    notifications. This monitoring service provided by has
    quickly become a critical component of our effort to conduct our field
    operations in a responsible and economical manner.

    Douglas L. Lamb
    SEK Energy
    Benedict, Kansas

  2. Wayne Willhite says:

    We have been a satisfied Tank To Cloud customer since November 2012. The meter saved us from an overflow within the first 12 hours, and has alerted us to potential problems on numerous occasions over the last year. This service has also helped us gather valuable information to help us negotiate with our landowner. Tank To Cloud pays for itself every month.

    Wayne Willhite
    Perkins Oil Ent. Inc.
    Howard, Kansas

  3. Mike Alton says:

    Tank To Cloud has provided us with great “peace of mind”, and we are very happy with their service.