Our Service

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Our Service

We specialize in oil and gas tank monitoring and data collection featuring up-to-date technology to communicate with you through cell phone and web interfaces.

Our service consists of the installation of a meter box designed to work on solar power and battery backup, equipped with a cell phone communication system.  Sensors can be placed into water and oil tanks to monitor fluid levels.  Pressure sensors can be installed to provide monitoring of pressures of fluid or gas in injection or gas pipelines.  Temperature sensors can be utilized to provide readings of critical areas such as burners for heavy oil separator tanks.  We also have the capability to design custom sensors to meet your particular application.  Up to six sensors within 100 feet can be installed per meter.


Minute-by-minute readings are uploaded to our website every hour unless there is an alert, at which point you will receive a text and/or e-mail immediately and the latest readings will be uploaded.  You can analyze the data uploaded to our website from any laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone by viewing charts and graphs.  The data can also be downloaded to excel to help with the filing of various state reports.


Using our simple web interface the sensor’s high and low alert levels can be adjusted and an unlimited number of people can be configured to receive the alerts via texts or emails.  Text alerts are sent to the designated people whenever a sensor goes beyond a high or low level configured for a sensor.  Anyone who has a cell phone with texting capabilities will be able to receive alerts.


Our pricing is based per location and is as follows:

  • $800 per Meter (one time installation fee)
  • $500 per Sensor (one time installation fee)
  • $110 per Month per Meter ($100 if you pay for one full year in advance)
  • $50 per hour plus parts and replacements for any unscheduled maintenance and/or service calls requested by the customer (ie moving of a tank requiring moving sensor) or out of range locations


We will make all repairs and replacements necessary to any equipment which is defective; or equipment which stops working through normal wear and tear, including batteries and level sensors at our own expense.

The information contained in this document does not constitute an expressed or implied contract.  Please refer to the Tank To Cloud, LLC “METER RENTAL AND SERVICE AGREEMENT” for actual terms and conditions of service.